Artist Call Out

The Trans Social Club is a regular group and online event space, featuring renowned artists, activists and performers. Trans Creative first conceptualised the group in Summer 2019, with the aim to connect and inspire trans audiences across Greater Manchester and beyond. Since lockdown, they have found the socials to have more demand and purpose than ever in bringing people together. You can visit Trans Creative's website to browse previous socials.

Trans Creative have partnered with LGBT Foundation to bring a new edition of the Trans Social Club to the Zoom-waves, with a focus on Sexual Health.

Sex, pleasure and intimacy are topics rarely discussed by, for and with trans voices. With this in mind, we are seeking to commission a UK based, *trans identifying artist to create a stand-alone piece relevant to these themes, to be performed live or screened at the event. The piece will be used to entertain and provoke discussion around the topics of sexual health and wellbeing, at the upcoming social.

* Trans is an umbrella and inclusive term used to describe people whose gender identity differs in some way from that which they were assigned at birth; including non-binary people, people who cross dress, and those who partially or incompletely identify with their sex assigned at birth

The Brief

We are looking a trans, non-binary or intersex identifying creative to design, create and deliver a piece responding to the themes of trans-life, lockdown, sexual experience and wellbeing. We are open to proposals from any ‘screen-able’ medium – including but not limited to film, drag, spoken word, comedy and music. We are particularly interested in work that is likely to provoke discussion, be uplifting or inspirational.

A fee of £100 is available for this work, to be inclusive of any artists’ materials. We encourage pitches around the 15 minute margin, though we are open to persuasion! We understand that different mediums may suit different lengths and will do our best to work with the artist to make their piece possible. This commission is open to anyone living in the UK.

Please submit your application to: by Sunday 15th at 5pm.

(This deadline has been extended from the previous limit of Wednesday 11th.)

Selection Process

To be considered for this opportunity, please send us an email containing the following:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself! What are your pronouns, how do you define your gender identity, and why are you interested in this event?
  • Your art; do you have a YouTube link, social media profile or portfolio? We'd love to see some examples of your work so far.
  • Your initial proposal for a live or recorded piece focused on themes related to relationships, sex, pleasure, and passion.


Sunday 15th November at 5pm: Deadline for applications

Thursday 12th November: Chosen applicant notified

Date TBC: Meeting with Trans Creative/ Sexual Health Coordinator from LGBT Foundation.

Wednesday 25th November: the Trans Social Club event will start at 7pm, ‘doors’ open at 6.45pm with a sound check at 6pm.

We look forward to hearing from you!