The Beacon of Hope was designed by Warren Chapman and Jess Byrne-Daniels as a symbolic representation of Manchester's response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, in 1997. The design encapsulates the 'Tree of Life' and the podium of the 'Beacon of Hope' with a pathway of 3 plinths to symbolise remembrance, contemplation and celebration. Within the tiled plinth and the base of the beacon is a time capsule containing messages to loved ones affected by HIV & AIDS.

Every year the Beacon of Hope is a focal point of Manchester's World AIDS Day Vigil in Sackville Gardens. For World AIDS Day 2017, there will be a rededication of the Beacon of Hope with new plagues chronicling the journey and developments in HIV support and treatment. You can find out more about the Vigil, on the Manchester World AIDS Day Partnership Facebook Page here.

LGBT Foundation is proud to be partner in the Manchester World AIDS Partnership.