For Sexual Health Week 2017 we asked comunity members to share their experiences of exploring pleasureable sex and how sexual health provisions have supported them along the way. Nash shares a poem of the male gaze and a drug-fuelled haze.

The money's gone, and the bags are empty, the people have dissipated leaving stained jeans. The heart sinks like a hole in Miami and the room turns fuzzy.

He can feel the San Andreas fault running up from his abdomen. At least he still has the gin.

A salted tear drop hangs from his chin. In the dim lights he now has no one to stop these liquid strings, for he had confused the list of an acquaintance for love of a friend. You see that fling had no interest in him just his system.

Being alone is what he dreads, a collective held together by kinks and dirt. You see it's only a matter of time before life grabs you by the eye and makes you blind.

But he survives by telling lies on the application that spawned thousands of fruitless interactions. Millions of topless abdomens that disappear when challenged for facial recognition.

Discrete, like your exposure is my life's mission. I'm fighting my own battles I have no time to facilitate your implosion. In your own time but you probably shouldn't be on your day grind.

Surprise surprise but I don't do blind date's with Pricilla White. What did you expect when you sent me what you thought was your best assets. And I don't care how well your abs flex if I can't see your face I'm gonna take rain check moving on to the next. But I act like each notch I applicate doesn't also turn me into voldermort.

Between The Sheets is part of LGBT Foundation's #SexWithoutShame campaign, empowering LGBT people to talk openly about their sex lives and the experiences they've had along the way.

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