In 2011, a Stonewall survey found that 40% of gay and bisexual men were single compared to 15% of heterosexual men.

In addition, 49% of lesbian and bisexual women and 28% of gay and bisexual men surveyed had children compared to 88% of heterosexual men and 87% of heterosexual women.

There’s currently no rigorous data relating to trans and non-binary people.

Next of kin is commonly thought to be a spouse or blood relation. However, within the UK, your next of kin can be any nominated person, irrespective of whether they are a friend or relative.

This is particularly important as LGBT people are more likely to be estranged from their biological family members and have families of choice comprising of friends, neighbours or people within LGBT communities.

Healthcare services must respect a person’s wishes regarding the inclusion of nominated next of kin.

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