At LGBT Foundation we respond to a range of consultations, inquiries and calls for evidence.

This works goes towards ensuring local and national policies recognise the needs of LGBT communities and contain evidence based recommendations to eliminate inequalities and improve health and wellbeing.

In order to promote widespread LGBT inclusion and equality we provide evidence to a wide variety of organisations and government departments such as NHS England, the Government Equalities Office, the Department for Education, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Electoral Commission.

Here you can find copies of past responses we have provided, if you have any questions or need further information please email

Click the titles below to read our consultation responses:

Consultation on the Future of Civil Partnership Conversion Rights

Government Equalities Office (August 2019)

The consultation was centered on conversions rights for marriages and civil partnerships.

For more information on this consultation see here.

Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Safe Accommodation

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (August 2019)

The appendix asked for information on accommodation support for victims of domestic abuse with protected characteristics. Provided information of the services we provide. - Provided barriers faced by LGBT people who have experienced domestic abuse and steps that need to be taken to improve the support available.

For more information on this consultation see here.

End of Life Care for Adults

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (June 2019)

NICE called for feedback on draft consultation on organising and delivering end of life care services for adults approaching the end of their life.

Fpr more information on this consultation read the page on the NICE website here.

Alcohol-use Disorders: Diagnosis, Assessment and Management of Harmful Drinking and Alcohol Dependence

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (May 2019)

This consultation asked for comments regarding NICE guidelines on alcohol use disorders.

For more information on this see the page on the NICE website here

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) PH24 Alcohol-use Disorders: Prevention

NICE (May 2019)

This consultation asked for comments regarding NICE guidelines on alcohol prevention.

For more information on this see the page on the NICE website here.

Voter ID Pilots

Electoral Commission (May 2019)

We outlined concerns surrounding the proposed introduction of voter ID for LGBT communities.

Read the Electoral Comission's evaluation report of the May 2019 voter ID trials here.

Suicide Prevention Quality Standard

NICE (May 2019)

This quality standard covers ways to reduce suicide and help people bereaved or affected by suicides in community and custodial settings. It describes high quality actions in priority areas for improvement. We highlighted the need to for diversity in multi-agency suicide prevention partnerships and the need to improve knowledge of voluntary sector services and improve cross referrals.

Cancer Screening Call for Evidence

NHS (April 2019)

The NHS asked for evidence on the uptake of screening programmes in minority groups and how screening should look in the future.

Implementing the NHS Long Term Plan: Proposals for possible changes to legislation

NHS (April 2019)

This consultation asked for patients, NHS staff, partner organisations and interested members of the public to share their views on proposals for changing current primary legislation relating to the NHS.

Read the NHS consultation document here.

Inquiry into Access to Contraception

All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health (March 2019)

This focused on people’s access to contraception and asked for recommendations to improve access and information provision, including the quality of relationship and sex education.

Variations in Sex Characteristics Call for Evidence

Government Equalities Office (March 2019)

This asked for evidence surrounding the experiences of people with variations in sex characteristics (VSC) and what needs to be done to improve the situation of people with VSC in the UK.

To follow this consultation as it develops see the page on the Government Equalities Office here.

Drugs Policy Inquiry

Health and Social Care Committee (March 2019)

This inquiry looked harms of drug use, whether policy is geared up to drug treatment and what high quality evidence based steps would look like.We provided statistics on drug use in LGBT communities- including chemsex. We used LGBT Foundation’s substance misuse programme and Pride in Practice as examples of best practice.

For more information on the inquiry as it develops see here.

Mental Health of Men and Boys

Women and Equalities Committee (March 2019)

This inquiry asked for evidence surrounding causes of poor mental health in males, any particularly at risk groups, effectiveness of government policy and recommendations for improving mental health among males. We provided evidence, examples of best practice and recommendations, focusing on mental health among GBT men.

For more information on this consultation as it develops see here.

Paragraphs for Prevention

Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (January 2019)

The NHS is about to receive £22 billion of extra funding and GMCVO wants to ensure the VCSE sector in Greater Manchester can get their share of this funding. Paragraphs highlighting the work of each of our services as well as a general LGBT Foundation paragraph. These are to be used as part of a prospectus for the VCSE sector that will be presented to senior decision-makers.

Proposals to Change the Number of Funded IVF Cycles Available to Patients

NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (January 2019)

This consultation sought views around proposals to reduce funding in the area from three to one round of IVF. We outlined concerns for some members of the LGBT community who may be relying on IVF to have children and specific concerns for people with lower incomes.

Read the NHS consultation document here.

A New Deal for Social Housing

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (November 2018)

This consultation sought views on how to make social housing more safe and secure.

WE outlined the concerns of LGBT people in social housing, the need for professionals to understand that LGBT people may have specific concerns and the need for housing professions to be able to refer to LGBT organisations.

For more information on this consultation see the Gov.UK page here.

CQC New Equality Objectives 2019-2021

Care Quality Commission (September 2018)

We provided feedback on New Equality Objectives provided by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

See the CQC's consultation document here.

The Relationships (and Sex) Education and Health Consultation

Department for Education (November 2018)

The consultation proposed range of changes to relationships and sex education (RSE), including making RSE LGBT inclusive. We highlighted that RSE needs to be LGBT inclusive in order to comply with the Equality Act 2010.

As a result of this consultation compulsory LGBT inclusive RSE is to be introduced in September 2020. For information on the outcome of this consultation see this information from the Department for Education.

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Government Equalities Office (October 2018)

This consultation focuses on proposals to make the process of obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate less bureaucratic and intrusive. Including self-declaration of gender and legal recognition for non-binary identities.

For more information on the consultation as it develops see the page Government Equalities Website here.

Health and Social Care and LGBT Communities Inquiry

Women and Equalities Committee (October 2018)

This response outlines a comprehensive range of evidence, best practice and recommendations surrounding LGBT health and health and social care.

For information on this inquiry as it develops see the Women and Equalities Committee website here.