As well as conducting innovative independent research, LGBT Foundation also engages in research partnerships on a national basis, combining our expertise with that of other community organisations, research institutes and public sector bodies. Below we outline our current research partnerships, and provide links for further information.

If you represent a research organisation or public sector organisation and are interested in partnering with LGBT Foundation on future research work, please email us at

MSc Psychology Research Placements

LGBT Foundation are proud to be supporting 4 unique research projects that are being carried out by MSc Psychology students at Manchester Metropolitan university. If you are interested in any of the below projects, we have included contact information for each of the researchers.

Drives and Experiences of ‘Chemsex’ in Men who have sex with Men

This study is looking at the drives and experiences of chemsex in men who have sex with men aged between 18-30. Interviews will take place over skype and will be completely confidential.

Email:Eric McNamara

Twitter: @DrewMack97

Reported Barriers to Mainstream Services Experienced by LGBT Communities

Are you over 18? Have you accessed the counselling and/or sexual health service at LGBT Foundation?

I would like to invite you to take part in a study exploring the barriers LGBT communities have experienced when accessing mainstream services, such as your GP. This may include any experienced stigma or stereotypes you have experienced or any fears of using mainstream services. It may also include any positive experiences you have had and comparisons to using LGBT Foundation services.

Email: Anna Rishton

What are young LGBT individuals’ perceptions of mental health support services during the coronavirus pandemic and have they changed?

This study is looking at young LGBT individuals’ perceptions of mental health support services during the coronavirus pandemic and whether these perceptions have changed in comparison to prior to the pandemic using semi-structured interviews.

The interview may last around one hour depending on your responses and will take place via Skype.

Email: Thomas Chambers

ICTA Project

the Integrating Care for Trans Adults research project is an innovative, community-focused project that looks to find out about trans (including non-binary) people’s experiences of healthcare, and the ways in which integration can affect those experiences. This partnership involves LGBT Foundation, the Open University and Yorkshire MESMAC. To find out more, please visit the OU's website.

Our survey has gone live!

In this research partnership, we are conducting a survey to look at the experiences of healthcare of trans(including non-binary) people. This includes healthcare related to your transition or not. You can participate if you fit all of the following criteria:

  • Your gender does not correspond (partially or completely) with the gender you were assigned at birth
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You currently live in the U.K.