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World Health Organisation Will Stop Classifying Being Trans as a 'Mental Disorder'

Published: 28 May 2019 Tags: By James Huyton

The World Health Organisation (WHO) will no longer categorise being trans as a “mental disorder”, after a resolution amending its health guidelines was approved on May 25th. The resolution will remove “gender identity disorder” from the global manual of diagnoses of the United Nations’ health agency.

Paul Martin OBE, CEO of LGBT Foundation, says:

“We are delighted to hear that the World Health Organisation are to no longer categorise being trans as a mental health condition.

For many decades trans people have been marginalised across society, have had their identities debated and are denied the right to be themselves.

Whilst we celebrate this major step towards equality, we must also ensure that our outdated medical systems in the UK are reformed. It is not acceptable for trans people to be forced onto years-long waiting lists.

We will continue to advocate with our communities to remove the many barriers and inequalities that trans people still face on a daily basis.”