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***Volunteering Opportunities: inclusion work with BAME, trans, and older lesbian and bisexual women…

Published: 19 July 2017 Tags: womens programme, workshops, services By John Walding

***Volunteering Opportunities***

Inclusion work with BAME, trans, and older lesbian and bisexual women

Our Women’s Programme is aiming to expand our services for lesbian and bisexual women who are also BAME, trans or older (50+) and to engage with more women than ever before.

Wherever possible, we want to cater the Women’s Programme Volunteer Role to the skills and passions of the volunteer undertaking it, however roles below are some of the key opportunities we offer.

We are looking for volunteers to support with the following areas:

> engaging with women face-to-face, also known as outreach. This will normally be at a community centre, LGBT centre, event or social group around Greater Manchester. This will be facilitated by a member of staff.

> quarterly community forums for the group of women you identify as being part of (BAME, trans or older).

> engagement workshops for professionals seeking to improve their services toward lesbian and bisexual women with multiple minority identities.

> providing interesting and informative content for the ‘Women’s’ section of our website as a method of providing support and learning opportunities to lesbian and bisexual women who are also part of another minority group.

General Skills and Knowledge Required:

> Great communicator, including questioning skills and rapport building.

> Some knowledge of the LGBT Foundation’s mission and the services it provides.

> An understanding of the specific issues and health inequalities faced by lesbian and bisexual women with multiple minority identities, including from personal lived experience.

> Reliable approach and ability to keep basic records of resource distribution/event attendance.

> Able to talk to, and approach people to discuss sensitive subjects.

> Able to sustain enthusiasm, approachability and energy levels for extended periods of time.

> To have a commitment to equal opportunities and the empowerment of people.

> To be able to work independently, self-organise, and work as part of a team.

> If producing content for the website, to have some writing skill and experience and be willing to have your writing edited and published online

Essential Training required for the role (provided):

> Induction to the LGBT Foundation

> Outreach Skills

> Safeguarding

> Meeting the needs of lesbian and bisexual women

To express interest in the role, please contact V: [email protected]

Note: Some of the hours required for people to volunteer for outreach will include evenings and weekends around Greater Manchester, not only the city centre. There will be some opportunities during normal working hours or early evenings.