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Trans Day of Visibility 2021

Published: 31 March 2021 Tags: Trans Day of Visibility, TDoV By Emma Underwood

Each year, on the 31st of March, the world celebrates Trans Day of Visibility. Established in 2009, the last 12 years has seen radical change in the way that trans people are viewed, and how we have engaged with the world. The UK is no exception to this. Our visibility has skyrocketed over the last six years, fuelled by the coming out of celebrities, and by expanded media interest in our lives - not all of which has been positive. To an extent, trans people are now hyper visible, and for the most part, we have little control over that visibility. This year then, we're calling for more than just visibility. We're calling for a day of voices, variety, vibrance, value, and victory.

The narrative that orbits our community is not one we often have control over. We are calling for trans and non-binary voices to be uplifted - no news story should be run about us without our involvement. No decisions on our care, nor on legislation governing our lives should be made without listening to our communities first. Our collective voice is a powerful one, and it must be heard.

Our communities are varied and diverse, and we find our strength in this. We must listen to those who are multiply marginalised, and we must strive for a better world for us all. The racism, misogyny, and disablism that runs through so many structures need to be tackled - none of us are free until we are all free. This is not limited to the discrimination exhibited in external structures, but also in ourselves and each other. We must hold ourselves to account, and find a better standard.

We know that our communities are passionate - our lives and freedoms have been hard fought by the generations that came before us, and our ability to exist loudly and proudly is a testament to their fight. The vibrance and joy that our communities bring is nothing short of celebratory, and we should take every opportunity to revel in it. Whilst our struggles are important, they do not define us, or our experiences - we have that choice to make.

The true value that trans and non-binary people bring to the world is immeasurable. It is ever more important that we appreciate the contributions that trans people have made to the wider LGBT movement. Without our efforts, we would all be in a far darker place, and whilst there is much more still to be done, we do not do this work alone.

Finally, we call for a day of victory - one where we can celebrate together a world free from transphobia. It may seem a way off, but there will be days of victory on that road. Small wins, here and there, marking the odd triumph. Progress is not a linear pathway that improves with time - it is an uneven trend towards equality, with peaks and troughs, driven not just by the general progression of time, but by the constant effort of our communities pushing for better. We look forward to celebrating those days, with each and every one of you.

So, on Trans Day of Visibility, join us in calling a Trans Day of voices, variety, vibrance, value, and victory!

LGBT Foundation is proud to celebrate and support trans communities throughout the year. Over the last three years, our Trans Programme has supported thousands of trans people through our services and events, and delivered training to hundreds of organisations on how to make services better. Find out more about our Trans Programme at

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