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Trans and Non-binary People Wanted to Help Shape Indigo Gender Service

Published: 14 October 2020 Tags: By LGBT Foundation

Community members, we need you! Indigo Gender Service is a new trans healthcare pilot in Greater Manchester. We know that trans and non-binary people are the experts of their own experience, and that is why this service has been developed by and for trans communities. Our services are trans led, with trans and non-binary people guiding and feeding into them at all levels.

To ensure that this new service meets the needs of trans and non-binary communities in Greater Manchester, we are looking for more people to join Indigo’s Coproduction Group. As a member of the Coproduction Group, you will have the opportunity to influence the way this service is designed and delivered. The groups are consulted on every area of the service from communications to recruitment.

Nico, who sits on the Coproduction Group said,

"Having a service designed and run by trans and non-binary people is significant. For many in the community, an unbelievable idea. This is what makes this service so exciting. To be able to seek support and be accepted at their word, rather than policed. I am proud to be a part of the group of trans and non-binary people who have been consulted since day one."

We recognise that people will have a variety of different viewpoints and lived experiences, and we welcome all who wish to come, regardless of any prior experience in this field.

We want to make sure the group is reflective of wonderful diversity of our communities, and we actively encourage trans and non-binary people of colour and/or disabled and/or over 50 and/or of faith to be a part of this.

So, if you are trans or non-binary, and would like to join our Coproduction Group, or find out more information about it, then email us at [email protected]!

You can find out more about Indigo Gender Service here We are also recruiting a number of roles for Indigo, details of these can be found at