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The Albert Kennedy Trust launches #NoRoomForHate Day in support of homeless LGBT youth

Published: 29 May 2018 Tags: AKT, No Room For Hate, Campaign By John Walding

The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), the UK’s LGBT youth homelessness charity, is today launching its Summer campaign No Room For Hate. Shockingly, 24% of youth facing homelessness in the UK today identity as LGBT, and 77% experience rejection/abuse at home just for being brave enough to come out to their parents. AKT believe no young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.

On 29th May, AKT is encouraging people to take part in #NoRoomForHate Day, sharing messages, pictures and videos in support of the campaign - all of which are available at our website:

The No Room For Hate campaign aims to highlight the issues around LGBT youth homelessness and help us to provide ‘safe homes’ to young people; and raise money so we can continue to offer our life-saving services. Six hard-hitting campaign videos have been produced featuring young people who have been supported by AKT. We’d encourage everyone to share these videos across social media.

Tim Sigsworth, Chief Executive of AKT said: “Our No Room For Hate campaign is an important reminder that whilst the sun is shining and we are celebrating Pride season, young people still face the risk of homelessness and abuse just for being brave enough to come out to their families. Please support us and help prevent lifetimes of homelessness by donating and sharing our campaign this Summer.”

Jayde, 26, a young person supported by AKT in the past and featuring in one of the campaign videos, said: “I can talk to AKT about anything, and it feels like they’re my family. AKT can help young people’s lives in so many ways. I hope that I can return to AKT one day and be so successful, and show them that they can be proud of me and what I’ve accomplished. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

If you want to prevent LGBT youth homelessness support our #NoRoomForHate campaign this summer and visit