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Smoking in the LGBT Community

Published: 17 March 2019 Tags: By Charlotte Goldsbrough

Smoking in the LGBT Community

Figures recently released by the ONS and Public Health England show that LGB people are still significantly more likely to smoke compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

The figures which were based on data collected in 2016, reveal that 18.8% of heterosexual people smoke compared to 24.6% of lesbian/ gay people and 26.1% of bisexual people. LGB women were particularly more likely to smoke with 27.9% of gay/ lesbian women smoking and 30.5% of bisexual women smoking. This is particularly notable as heterosexual women are less likely to smoke compared to heterosexual men (17.5% compared to 20%). The study did not measure smoking prevalence in trans communities and there is currently no robust data on smoking in trans communities.

If you are a smoker and would like support and advice around quitting please access:

Have your voice heard!

Making Smoking History Greater Manchester are looking to find stories from LGBT people living in Greater Manchester who have successfully quit smoking to be included in a stop smoking campaign. If you are interested in sharing your story please email for more information.