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R E S P E C T !

Published: 27 November 2019 Tags: ageing, Ambition for Ageing, Equalities Board By Admin Silverchip

This summer the AfA Equalities Board held a workshop on safer spaces. In the workshop we explored questions about what is a safer space, and what can make someone feel unsafe or unsupported in a group discussion. After the workshop we put together a new Ways of Working document about how we aim to work together with respect and care for each other. It also includes guidelines for the EB staff about how to help resolve a difficult situation.

The document includes information about our core beliefs about equality and respect, and our values and principles. Working together respectfully includes being polite, open-minded and keeping things confidential. But it is also about developing self awareness. We need to learn to understand our own prejudices, biases and stereotypes, and learn not to act on them in our interactions with other people.

The document was agreed by members of the Equalities Board. We will come back to it in the new year, and update it if necessary.

You can download and read the document from our resources page here. It is available in PDF and also as a word document for screen reader.