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New community fund to inspire action and encourage LGBTQ+ inclusion across Greater Manchester

Published: 07 September 2021 Tags: #community #funding #callout #activities By LGBT Foundation

LGBT Foundation and George House Trust have today announced the Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Community Fund, a new initiative that will inspire action and encourage inclusion across Greater Manchester, benefiting LGBTQ+ people and communities.

The fund has £20,000 available to support new creative projects, events and activities by organisations and community groups based in the region that improve the experience of LGBTQ+ groups and spotlights the issues that affect their lives. It will also support new programmes that educate people about HIV.

The scheme opens today, Tuesday 7 September, with a deadline for proposals on Tuesday 5 October.

An independent panel of representatives from the NHS, Manchester City Council, the Village Licensed Business Association (VLBA), George House Trust’s Board of Trustees, LGBT Foundation’s Board of Trustees and a member of the LGBTQ+ community will review all proposals and make all award decisions.

LGBT Foundation and George House Trust will announce the recipients in October.

Smyth Harper, Chair of LGBT Foundation, said:

“The Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Community Fund will help grassroots organisations provide vital support to our community and contribute to a better, safer and kinder world for all LGBTQ+ people.

“There is a strong network of LGBTQ+ community groups across Greater Manchester. They’re a powerful force for good, making a difference to countless lives every day. We’re so proud to be able to do our bit to help out and can’t wait to see the amazing bids come flooding in.”

Jo Hancock, Chair of George House Trust, said:

“George House Trust are proud to be part of such an exciting and inspiring initiative, and we can't wait to see all the creative ways in which this money will be used to improve inclusion by grass-roots HIV and LGBTQ+ groups across Greater Manchester. It will enable them to make a real difference to the lives of people they support, educating local communities, and promoting greater understanding of the challenges faced by people from the LGBTQ+ community and people living with or affected by HIV.”

Key documents:

  • Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Community Fund - Grant Application Form (WORD)
  • Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Community Fund - Programme Summary (WORD) / (PDF)
  • Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Community Fund - Terms and Conditions of Grant Funding (WORD) / (PDF)
  • NEW Greater Manchester LGBTQ+ Community Fund - Guidance for applicants (WORD) / (PDF)

How to apply:
Please download an application form and submit it to [email protected] by 11:59 pm on 5 October 2021. Applications submitted after that date and time will not be accepted.

Before completing your application we ask that you review the Programme Summary and Terms and Conditions of Grant Funding documents.

For further guidance on applying to the fund, email [email protected].

Information about Grant Award Decision Making and Transparency

All grant award decisions will be made by an independent panel which will include:

  • NHS representative.
  • Manchester City Council representative.
  • Village Licensed Business Association (VLBA) representative.
  • A community representative.
  • George House Trust trustee.
  • LGBT Foundation trustee.

LGBT Foundation will lead on the appointment of the panel members. The composition of the panel will be public in due course.

The panel will be co-chaired by the Chief Executives of George House Trust and LGBT Foundation. The panel chairs will not have a vote on grant decisions.

The panel will receive all applications in advance, together with scoring criteria. Panel members will be reminded of both the value of the grant <£1k and the intention of the fund to support grassroots community activity. Any applications that did not meet all eligibility criteria won’t be reviewed by the panel. The panel will be made aware of the reason and number of applications that did not meet eligibility criteria.

The scoring criteria followed by the panel will be consistent across all grant applications. All applications will be discussed at panel and the panel will agree whether to recommend for funding, to allocate less funding than what was applied for or to decline the grant. Where there is unanimous agreement to fund, however the total amount available is less than the planned allocation, the panel will make a decision in line with the funding priorities, the types of activity and geographic distribution across Greater Manchester.

The rationale for decisions will be agreed by the panel and fed back to individual applicants.

All grant awards (amount, group/organisation and project details) will be made public through an announcement and information about the award will be publicly available.