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LGBTI+ Experiences In Healthcare

Published: 04 March 2022 Tags: By LGBT Foundation

Do you want to help improve LGBTI+ experiences of healthcare?

The National LGBTI+ Sounding Board and wider LGBTI+ Experience Network will enable NHS England and NHS Improvement to work with LGBTI+ communities at a national level, to allow the organisation to hear from a range of voices, including people facing the greatest barriers or who are less often listened to, such as disabled LGBTI+ people and LGBTI+ people of colour (PoC). This will allow people to have more influence in health service design and delivery. This project is being delivered as part of the NHS Rainbow Badge programme, a cross-organisational partnership between LGBT Foundation, GLAAD, Switchboard, Stonewall and Consortium.

The National LGBTI+ Sounding Board will meet monthly (virtually), to discuss issues specifically relating to LGBTI+ people, as well as wider areas of health and care affecting everyone.

LGBTI+ Sounding Board members will:

  • Play a key role in policy and strategy development, and provide feedback on their own experiences as LGBTI+ people.
  • Advise NHS England and NHS Improvement and other relevant bodies on the diverse experiences of LGBTI+ communities within health care, and raise opportunities for change and development.
  • Support NHS England and NHS Improvement and partners to develop effective solutions for tackling inequality and discrimination affecting LGBTI+ people when accessing health care services.

    We’re delighted to hear you’re thinking about joining the LGBTI+ Sounding Board. We particularly encourage applications from trans and non-binary people, people of colour (PoC), disabled people, and other people with lived experience of multiple marginalisations to ensure that we gather views from people with lots of different health care experiences.

    We want to make sure that the LGBTI+ Sounding Board is accessible. We will try to meet any adjustments you need to make sure you can apply for the role, and that you are supported to take part if you are successful. Examples of what this may look like are: covering the cost of a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter, covering the cost of additional hours needed for carers or child care. Accessibility may also look like ensuing participants have time for binder breaks, or being open to some people having their camera turned off.

    If you have any accessibility needs please include these in your application, and tell us what support we can provide to make sure you can take part fully.

    Applications should be returned to [email protected]

    For more information about the National LGBTI+ Sounding Board and how to apply, download our recruitment pack below.

    The closing date for applications is 9 am 4th May 2022.

    Recruitment pack

    Application form


    If you would like to be involved but are unable to commit to the time requirements of the Sounding Board, or would be interested in being involved in a more casual capacity, please consider joining our wider National LGBTI+ Experience Network.

    Please read the role summary for the LGBTI+ Experience Network in the recruitment pack, and complete the expression of interest form to receive further communications about this opportunity.

    Experience Network Expression of interest