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LGBT Veterans to have Medals Restored

Published: 16 February 2021 Tags: By LGBT Foundation

LGBT Foundation is delighted with the news that medals removed from LGBT veterans will be returned. We are actively exploring ways to better serve the LGBT veterans community, whose lives continue to be profoundly affected from the ban on LGBT Service.

Dr Mike Hill, LGBT Foundation Trustee says,

“During LGBT History Month, we reflect on our history. The ban on homosexuality lifted just 21 years ago had profound effects on people’s lives; the shame and stigma caused by the manner people were dismissed, to stifled careers and significant mental health challenges.

Whilst I have witnessed through my time in the military the progress made to change the culture within our Armed Forces who now lead the world to be progressively diverse and inclusive, now is the time to start to address those injustices and the return of medals that have been removed is the start of that journey.

As a trustee of the LGBT foundation, I am proud to support an organisation that is there to support all members of the LGBT+ community, including veterans and their families, and as a national charity, we are proud to be actively exploring ways to provide better support to our veterans. We’re here if you need us.”