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LGBT Foundation welcomes the announcement of a review and consultation on the Gender Recognition Act 2004

Published: 03 July 2018 Tags: Gender Recognition Act 2004 Consultation By John Walding

Commenting on the Government’s announcement of a review and consultation on the Gender Recognition Act 2004, Olivia Butterworth, Deputy Chair of LGBT Foundation, said:

“The current Gender Recognition Act is significantly behind international best practice, and we welcome today’s announcement of the steps being taken to make the process of legally changing gender much more straightforward.

“We are hopeful that GRA reform will remove the indignity, cost and frustrating wait associated with the current process. It is common sense that a person knows best what their own gender is, and this is increasingly recognised by countries around the world.

“We are calling for changes to the Act that include the ability for trans people to self-declare their gender without the need for a medical diagnosis, legal representation for non-binary people, and inclusion for trans young people.

“Over the next 16 weeks we will encourage as many trans and non-binary people as possible to share their experiences and respond to the consultation. We will also encourage those from the wider LGBT community and beyond to show their support for reform by responding to the consultation.

“We hope that today’s announcement is a clear statement of the Government’s commitment to achieve a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people can achieve their full potential.”