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LGBT Foundation statement on historic convictions pardon

Published: 04 January 2022 Tags: By Jonny Carr

We at LGBT Foundation are pleased by the Home Secretary’s announcement of the pardoning of LGBTQ+ people wrongly accused of committing a crime that punished them for their sexuality. The extension of ‘Turing’s Law’ is a long-overdue but welcome step in working to correct historic wrongful convictions.

With this, we call for all LGBTQ+ historical convictions to be automatically removed so that people will not need to apply for removal of this from their record which has the potential to bring up past trauma.

We also ask that the Government offers a formal apology for the wrongful convictions. Posthumous pardoning offers only a symbolic gesture to those who have since died without clearing their name. The Government must recognise the pain, trauma and lifelong guilt and stigma these convictions gave many LGBTQ+ people, who were simply trying to live their lives and be their true selves.