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LGBT Foundation responds to the passing of Dr Mags Portman

Published: 12 February 2019 Tags: By James Huyton

LGBT Foundation are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Dr Mags Portman.

Mags was a pioneer in the fight against HIV, something she dedicated her entire career to. She was part of the team who proved the efficacy of PrEP – a vital development in the fight against HIV. She pushed the General Medical Council to clarify whether clinicians can recommend treatments to their patients that are not available on the NHS. This proved a vital moment in the availability of PrEP. She later went on advise doctors in sexual health clinics on prescribing PrEP at a time when many were crying out for access to the medication.

Her tireless work has helped prevent thousands of transmissions of HIV, and she has been a dear friend and ally to our community. Her pioneering work, advocacy and fight for access to PrEP will forever be remembered by all who continue to struggle to get PrEP for everyone who needs it. Our thoughts are with her family and friends at this difficult time.

To read about her work in her own words, see here:

The Mags Portman PrEP Access Fund, which supports people with no income or in receipt of benefits to access PrEP, can be found here: