LGBT Christmas Food Bank Appeal

Published: 03 December 2015 Tags: food bank, appeal, greater manchester By John Walding

You may remember last year that staff, volunteers and supporters of LGBT Foundation and staff and customers of Via, Canal Street donated tinned food items and toiletries to Manchester Metropolitan Church an LGBT-led Church which runs a social and support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender asylum seekers in partnership with the United Reformed Church

We are very keen to encourage as many people as possible to support us in offering support to the food bank again over this year's holiday period.

The needs of LGBT asylum seekers are as great as ever for many reasons:

  • If they are lucky enough to receive asylum support and accommodation, the amount asylum seekers get to spend each week for all their needs is very small, and just a few tins of basic foodstuffs each week can really make a difference to whether or not they put a meal on the table each day.
  • The delays and admin failures in the asylum process, and in the systems for support and housing provision, mean that periods of destitution with no source of income, often lasting weeks, crop up from time to time. On those occasions, a gift of even the most basic food makes a huge difference.
  • If an asylum seeker is lucky enough to win their case and gets leave to remain, there is often a transition period to moving on from being asylum seekers to being unemployed and homeless refugees who find themselves in need of emergency help

What you can donate

In all those scenarios, the generous gifts of basic kitchen-cupboard, long-life foodstuffs from friends and supporters are a real lifeline.

In terms of what is needed, the most useful gifts are those with a long shelf-life - think, 'tinned goods, dried goods, and toiletries'.

  • Tinned goods - vegetables, soups, canned ready meals, baked beans, pasta in sauce, canned fruit, etc.
  • Dried goods - pasta, rice, tea, coffee, spices/condiments, etc.
  • Toiletries - toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, etc.

You can donate any of the above items via our office at Number 5 Richmond Street M1 3HF until the week before Christmas.We will then make sure items get to where they are needed.

Donating at Via!

Our friends at Via, Canal Street have also once again kindly agreed to support the campaign and have agreed to generously top up all donations made by 20th December by 25%!

We love getting Christmas cards but this year instead of sending us a card why not buy us a tin of tomatoes or dried pasta or other long lasting value foodstuffs to pass on to the Food Bank.

You can drop any items off at the following addresses:

LGBT Foundation, Number 5, Richmond St, M1 3HF


Via, 28/30 Canal Street, M1 3EZ.

Everyone at LGBT Foundation & Via is delighted to be able to help Manchester Metropolitan Church with their Food bank.

If you would like to contribute to the Church directly, please follow the link here