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Join us in Standing up for Equality for all LGBT People

Published: 01 November 2019 Tags: By Joe Nellist

We are committed to protecting and advancing the rights of all LGBT people. We will always continue to support and champion the full diversity of LGBT communities, despite those who wish to divide us.

There is no equality for some without equality for all. We are united in our determination to build a better world for every single person in our beautifully diverse family.

As part of our Equality Wins campaign we need your help to send a strong a powerful message to those who wish to divide us that when we stand united our collective voice is a powerful force for change. We are looking for people to send us a short video (max 30 seconds) or a photo with a quote. The video does not need to be professionally shot, and can be recorded on a mobile. Please try to answer these two points:

1. What does true equality mean for you?
2. Why is important that LGBT communities stand together?

You can send it over via e-mail to [email protected] or via Whatsapp to 07540 705227.

Now and always, we continue to fight for a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people can reach their full potential.