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Greater Manchester Adult Mental Health Service User Network Steering Group

Published: 10 April 2019 Tags: By Joe Nellist

Last July was the launch of the Greater Manchester Adult Mental Health Service User Network

A Steering Group of service user and carers was formed and has been working behind the scenes and meeting regularly to agree a governance structure of a Chair and Vice Chair with 1 representative from each of the 10 boroughs which is known as the CORE group of members.

The Core group will link into a Steering Group of further representatives (2 from each borough) made up of people with lived experience either as a service user or carer. Please note that these roles are on a voluntary basis.

We have had a working group and we are now at the stage where we are asking for 'Expressions of Interest' to join the Steering Group which will feed into the wider Greater Manchester Adult MH Service User Network and the work taking place across the Greater Manchester footprint.

We ask for a short bio consisting of no more than 3 paragraphs telling us who you are and your links within your community, this will then be shared within the Core GMSUN Group and the Senior management in GMHSCP for consideration. It may happen that there are various people expressing an interest from one area and the Core group are working on a fair way to decide who is best placed to be on the group, but please know that if you are unsuccessful there will be many ways of being involved in the GMSUN wider group.

If you are successful with your application how do you envisage your engagement with the local Mental health community and how will you ensure that it reflects the diverse backgrounds of people and is inclusive of the protected characteristics under the 2010 Equality Act.

Kind regards

Marsha McAdam

Chair Greater Adult MH Service User Network

Applications to join are to be sent to [email protected]

Deadline for applications is Friday 12th April 2019

Greater Manchester Service User Network: Steering Group Member

Role Title: Greater Manchester Service User Steering Group Member

Reports to: The Greater Manchester Service User Core Working Group

Purpose of the role: The Greater Manchester Mental Health Service User Network (GM SUN) presents an opportunity for people with lived experience of mental health services, ensuring the diverse and often margalized voices of people with lived experience are heard and the services we use are shaped by the people best placed to know what works: the people who use mental health services.

Challenge Performance: The GM SUN will provide a structure to the diverse service user and carer voice in Greater Manchester. Issues raised by the Network will be fed through the Steering group to the elected service user representatives who sit on the GM mental health boards (Programme Delivery and Adult Mental Health). The diverse service user and carer voice in Greater Manchester will be provided with a structure to ensure the problems which directly affect us can be challenged and the examples of positive practice can be highlighted.

Improving Mental Health Services: The GM SUN aims to help inform the services we use. The network offers a new way of working, which will be co-productively withcommissioners, providers, GP’s and clinicians the opportunity to engage with service users. The network will foster dialogue between service users and services, building better working relationships and fostering and supporting genuine co-production within localities.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Informed by the network set a clear and concise mission statement;
  • Informed by the network produce and approve the networks strategic plan, with clear goals and objectives.
  • Approve the steering groups work plans.
  • Review the performance of the steering group.
  • Evaluate, monitor, and appraise reports from the Programme Delivery Board and Adult Mental Health Board to challenge performance issues and highlight themes raised by the network.
  • Relay information relating to the transformation agenda to peers within their relevant groups and meeting they attend.
  • Liaise with Local commissioners, GPs, VCSE, Lead Clinicians and other Experts by Occupation, to further the networks goals.
  • Work with the Chief Officer and other senior leaders of the HSCP to ensure the service user and carer voice is at the heart of the transformation agenda.
  • Produce, review, and approve any policies for the network.
  • Fill vacancies as needed.
  • Support service user led improvement projects within GM.

Key Qualities:

  • Lived experience of using mental health services; or lived experience of caring for someone who uses mental health services.(within the last 30 months)
  • Commitment to co-production, genuine user involvement, respectfully challenging bad practice, and working with statutory stakeholders to improve mental health services.
  • Ability to work as part of a team, whilst possessing strong leadership skills, with an interesting in engaging in strategic work around user involvement.
  • Provide candid and constructive criticism, advice, comments and praise.
  • Ability to work with commissioners and providers to support improvement work
  • Good networking abilities to ensure the GM SUN


The GM SUN Core Group to meet monthly and the GM SUN Steering Group will meet bi-monthly. Steering group members will be expected to attend the meetings, giving adequate notice if they are unavailable.

Governance of GM SUN

  • GM SUN Core Group

There be a CORE GROUP of Chair and Vice Chair and 1 locality representative that would meet monthly.

2. The GM SUN STEERING GROUP consist of 3 representatives from each locality that would meet bimonthly. At this meeting we would hope to invite CCGS, MH Clinicians and senior management from each of the mental health trusts.We are working very hard at the minute to recruit representatives and make sure that they compliment one another.

** The reason we have decided on 3 representatives is because if 1 person is off ill that there be a back up person who will already be up to speed on what is happening on the ground. By having 3 representatives who will not only compliment each other but will also be supportive of each other.