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Bi Visibility Day 2020

Published: 23 September 2020 Tags: By Ellie White

Bi Visibility Day is celebrated every year on September 23rd and is a very important day for the bi community. It started in 1990, the product of 3 bi activists: Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur. They choose September as it was bicon Freddie Mercury’s birthday month, and the 23rd as it was Wilbur’s birthday! From such celebratory beginnings, it has blossomed to a level of global recognition. It may be known by many names: Bi Visibility Day, Celebrate Bisexuality Day, Bi Pride Day – but its aim is very clear: to encourage everyone to see bi people in all their wonderful glory.

Although we make leaps and bounds with every passing year, there is still work to be done for the bi community. According to a 2018 study by Stonewall, 27% of bi women and almost 18% of bi men have experienced discrimination or poor treatment from others in their local LGBT community because of their sexual orientation, compared to 9% of lesbians and 4% of gay men. A 2015 study by Equality Network found that 66% of respondents feel that they have to pass as straight and 42% feel they need to pass as gay or lesbian when accessing services. While increasing numbers of people identify as bi or an identity that falls under the bi umbrella, there is still a disappointing amount of biphobia present both inside and outside of the wider LGBT Community.

While Bi Visibility Day serves as an opportunity for us to celebrate bisexuality, it is also an important opportunity to reflect on what can be done to better further the Bi community. Bi representation in media is coming along, with more bi characters being included and actually using the word bi, but there is a lack of intersectionality that needs to be tackled, with a lot of bi characters being young, cis, and white. We must challenge our own assumptions when we see people – there is no one way to ‘look bi’. The wider LGBT community must be sure to listen to and include Bi voices, and to create and respect their own spaces.

Here at LGBT Foundation, the Bi Programme has been running in its current form for almost a year, putting on monthly events for the bi community, having moved online in March. We’ve had a wide range of events, from crafty evenings, discussions of dating as a Bi person, reflecting on personal bi histories and our Big Bi Quiz of The Quarantine. We’ve put together some great events to celebrate Bi Visibility Day this year, determined to be loud and proud about the beautiful bi community!

On Wednesday 23 September as well as our Bi social media takeover, we’ve got Battle of the Bis at 7pm! We’ll be discussing all our favourite bi characters and voting to crown our Bi Character Champion. Join us on Zoom for a lively discussion, a celebration of Bis in media, and maybe pick up some recommendations of a new show to binge. - Click here to register for free

On Thursday 24 September, we’ll be joined by Biphoria’s Jen Yockney MBE for a UK Bi History Talk followed by a Q+A at 7pm on Zoom. This is set to be a super interesting talk, so come along to learn about your Bi history and the community’s past! - Click here to register for free

To conclude our celebrations for Bi Visibility Day, on Friday 25 September we have an extremely exciting interview lined up with Gaby Dunn. Join us on Instagram live @lgbtfdn at 6pm as we talk all things bi, what it’s like to be a bi creator, and Gaby’s latest project ‘Apocalypse Untreated’. - Click here for more info

Happy Bi Visibility Day! Remember to celebrate yourself in all your magnificent bi-ness, today and every day!