Are We Ageing Equally in Greater Manchester?

Published: 17 December 2018 Tags: Greater Manchester, ageing, Ambition for Ageing, Equalities Board, equalities, research By Admin Silverchip

On 6th December the Equalities Board of Ambition for Ageing held a half-day event about research into ageing and inequality,called 'Ageing Equally in Greater Manchester?' The main purpose of the event was to share what we have learned and found out from our research so far, and launch the new Ambition for Ageing research programme 'Ageing Equally?' The event was very well attended - it seems that many people are interested in ageing and inequality!

The event was at Manchester City Art Gallery and started with a delicious sandwich lunch, and a kind of 'people bingo' game at each table to get people chatting to each other.

Sarah, from the Equalities Board, gave a presentation with Jess, from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, who is responsible for researching what the Ambition for Ageing programme is learning. In their presentation they explained all of the research projects so far in the AfA programme, what they wanted to find out, and how they were carried out. It was a long presentation with a lot of fascinating information. All of AfA's research reports are available on their website - click here.

Clare from the Equalities Board gave a short presentation about 'intersectionality' - a specialist (jargon) word used in equalities work that means 'the way that marginalised identities connect and overlap, resulting in specific forms of discrimination'. Intersectionality is a way to understand and explain the diversity of minority communities. The presentation included two short videos explaining the word, which you can watch on our website resources page - click here.

Sarah, and Sharon and Beth from Ambition for Ageing, gave a presentation about the 'Ageing Equally?' research programme and the two different kinds of funding for research into what makes a community 'age-friendly' for people from minority communities. The deadline for proposals for shorter projects by EB members is 19th December - for more information see our webpage, click here. The deadline for bids for longer research projects (open to anyone) is 23rd January - for more information see the AfA webpage, click here.

Hannah from the Equalities Board led a research activity with everyone at the event about what they felt about their neighbourhoods, to find out whether people from minority communities want the same thing, or have very different needs and feelings about what is important.

Picture credits: main picture Shaheda Choudury, bottom picture Will Vincent