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Ageing Equally? Research Underway!

Published: 25 July 2019 Tags: ageing, Ambition for Ageing, Equalities Board, research, Ageing Equally By Admin Silverchip

In September last year we launched the Ageing Equally? research programme, at our Equalities Board research event at Manchester Art Gallery. At that event we announced funding for five shorter and 10 longer research projects to look at what marginalised and minority communities need for neighbourhoods to be age-friendly. You can read more about the event here.

This month, we held an induction day for the organisations that have been funded to do the research. The event was a chance for the researchers on the longer and shorter projects to meet each other. There were sessions on research methods, equalities and inclusion, and using research diaries. In the session on equalities and inclusion researchers learned about what these things mean, and about intersectionality. Then they discussed how to think about these issues in recruiting research participants and people to interview, collecting data (information), and presenting what they find out from the research.

The five Equalities Board members doing the shorter Ageing Equally? research projects are:

  • Ethnic Health Forum in Manchester is researching the barriers to accessing services for older people in the Kuwaiti Bedoun community in Central Manchester wards.
  • Europia in Manchester is researching the assets and skills of Polish people aged 50+ in Greater Manchester.
  • St George’s Centre in Bolton is researching what makes an age-friendly neighbourhood for older people with long term mental illness who live in the BL1 postcode area.
  • Visible Outcomes in Salford is researching what makes an age-friendly neighbourhood for refugees and asylum seekers over 50 years old who live in Salford.
  • Wai Yin Society in Manchester is researching how Chinese older people, especially disabled people and those who speak different community languages, can grow old and happy.

Now Ambition for Ageing has announced the 10 longer Ageing Equally? research projects:

  • Change, Grow, Live Manchester with Broom/Gekoski will look at the experiences of older people recovering from substance misuse in Tameside.
  • Europia will look at challenges faced by older Romanian, Czech, Portuguese, Polish and Roma people living in Greater Manchester, especially in Salford, Tameside, Oldham and Bolton.
  • Halal Incorp will look at the experiences of Muslim men over 50 in Central Rochdale.
  • Henshaws want to increase awareness and understanding of the needs of visually impaired older people, especially in North and South Manchester.
  • Manchester Congolese Organisation (MaCO) will look at the experiences of older people in the Francophone (French-speaking) African community in Manchester City Centre.
  • Manchester Deaf Centre will look into the experiences of ageing deaf sign language users aged 50+ in Bolton, Oldham and Tameside.
  • Oldham Coliseum Theatre will investigate what ageing well means for Pakistani women aged 55+ in Glodwick, Oldham through looking at textiles.
  • Rethink Rebuild Society will be looking at elderly Syrian refugees in Salford and Oldham.
  • Uni Consulting, Unique Improvements Ltd will be looking at the experiences of older Jewish community members in Broughton, Salford.
  • Wai Yin Society will explore traditional Chinese beliefs of growing old and difficulties faced by older disadvantaged Chinese community members in daily life.

The shorter research projects will report in the autumn this year. We will produce more accessible versions of their reports. The EB will also produce a report about how valuable it is to support community-based organisations to research issues within their own communities.

The longer research projects will report early next year. GMCVO will also produce a report about all the Ageing Equally? research projects.

You can find out more about the whole Ageing Equally? project here