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3 minutes with … Ethan Spibey from Proud Beer

Published: 23 July 2018 Tags: Proud Beer, Ethan Spibey By John Walding

This week we touch base with entrepreneur Ethan Spibey one half of the team behind Proud Beer.

How would you describe 2018 for you?

The year of queer beer!!!! At Proud Beer we believe we can revolutionise the way we support LGBT+ charities like the LGBT foundation and beer we think is a pretty cool way to do it!

What’s your perfect day?

Spending time with my family and my boyfriend. I'm so lucky to be surrounded by people who inspire and support me and holding my boyfriend's hand or a nice meal with my parents is what makes me realise I'm a pretty lucky boy!

Who inspires you?

It has to be my Mum and Dad. Aside from letting us use their garage to store all our beer, they have always taught me there are no limits on what I can do, and it's that support which has led me to jump into things like PROUD! With determination and hard work, they've taught me there's no such things as impossible!

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