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16 Cancers Campaign - Patient Case Study Appeal

Published: 16 April 2019 Tags: By Joe Nellist

Are you a former smoker who has been diagnosed with a smoking related cancer? Would you be prepared to share your story to help motivate smokers to quit?

The NHS North of England Cancer Alliances and NHS England and NHS Improvement are seeking patient case studies for a forthcoming quit smoking campaign to raise awareness of the 16 types of cancer caused by smoking.

In June 2019, the NHS North of England Cancer Alliances will be launching a Health Harms campaign across the North of England to encourage smokers to make a quit attempt. This will run across the North East, North West and Yorkshire and the Humber where around 1/3 of England’s smokers live.

It is really important that LGBT people are present in this campaign as we know smoking rates to be significantly higher among the LGB population- 18.8% of heterosexual people smoke, this compares to:

  • 27.9% of lesbian women.
  • 30.5% of bisexual women.
  • 23.2% of gay men.
  • 26.1% of bisexual men.

If you are interested and want to discuss next steps, please email [email protected] or call 0113 825 5481.

The 16 cancers caused linked to smoking are: Oral cavity, Nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, Pharynx, Larynx, Oesophagus, Lung, Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Kidney, Ureter, Bladder, Ovary, Cervix, Colorectal (bowel), and Myeloid leukaemia (Source—International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).