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Joining us on The Tip this week is Bandy Kiki, Entrepreneur, founder of @kikumconsulting, Co-founder of @remclanofficial and LGBTQ activist. We'll be discussing Black African and Afro-Caribbean QTIPOC Experiences During Social Isolation.

We’re getting personal on Instagram LIVE! Despite the increasingly scarce availability of sexual health services in the UK and around the world, in the midst of rapidly-changing guidelines around sexual health testing, PEP, and PrEP as well as confusion around information specific to people living with HIV, we want to share what we know and provide a forum for questions, reassurance and advice around future planning. We’re asking – We’re sharing – We’re getting personal – Wednesdays on Instagram LIVE!

If you have questions you want answers to, you can ask our sexual health experts in the comments or email in advance to [email protected]

Event Summary:

End Date: 01/07/2020 at 18:00

Price per Person: Free