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The Sex Tapes - Kink & Trans Masculinity

22nd July 2021, Online

Event Full Details:

The intersection of trans masculinity and kink is notable, but rarely given center stage publicly. The Sexual Health Programme have brought together some amazing panelists to talk about their experiences and to delve into what kink means to them. The panel will explore what inclusion looks like in the community, how trans-ness is celebrated and where there is still work to be done.

Follow this link to book your ticket for free, via our Eventbrite.

Our amazing panelists are:

Alistair LeatherHiraeth (he/ him) is a Trans, polyamorous, Leatherman and a family bootblack of the UK KRueL Leather Family, who have been scene educators in the UK since the 1990s. He is serving as European Bootblack 2020/ 21, having won the title at Darklands in Antwerp, March 2020. Alistair has been a Leather dominant on the UK kink scene for over two decades, and formally earned his leathers from the bottom up through his Leather Family.

Stevie Lang (he/ him) is a trans masc kinkster living in Australia. He shares his life with two partners and his awesome five year old kid. Stevie runs a support group for Queer, Autistic Kinky people and has an Instagram account where he posts about Autism, non-monogamy, gender, sexuality and socialism.

Oskar Marchock (he/ they) is a multi-disciplinary artist and facilitator. They primarily work with film and photography and are a member of The House of Noir, a Manchester based vogue house.

Hosting the conversation is Noah Donnelly (he/ him). A gay, trans man in Manchester who has worked in sexual health since 2018, Noah introduced a free condoms & sexual advice programme to the University of Nottingham. Since then he has advocated for sex workers, increased awareness of trans sexual health and has worked as an advisor specialising in trans sexual health at the LGBT Foundation clinic since 2019.

This session is part of the Sexual Health Programme and is open to everyone age 18+ who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+* community. The aim is to create a safe, social space for LGBTQ+ people to explore new topics around sexual health and wellbeing. By booking a free ticket for this event, we assume you have read and are willing to adhere to our Safer Spaces Guide.

While allies are welcome to come and to learn, we ask that in the Q&A section allies leave space to allow LGBTQ+ attendees to have their questions prioritised.

*We use LGBTQ+ to refer to sexualities and genders that vary from heterosexual and cisgender in some way. The specific terms that our panellists use to describe their identities may vary.

Event Summary:

Date: 22/07/2021
Time: 21:00-22:30

Price per Person: Free