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Sexuality: What's In A Name? - A workshop for the Women's Programme

16th September 2021

Event Full Details:

We use labels to describe our identities all the time, and they're really useful! They help us feel like we belong, and they help us express ourselves. But what do they actually mean? What’s the link between our sexual orientation and our gender? And can you really tell anything about somebody’s sex life from how they refer to themselves?

This workshop explores an individualised approach to sexuality, providing a space to reflect on how our evolving sexual desires, behaviours, and identities might clash or complement each other.

Reflect – how have labels restricted your identity?

Learn – the different elements that make up sexual expression and sexuality

Apply – use language and labels in a way that is empowering for you!

Aben (they/ he) is the Sexual Health Coordinator for Community Engagement at LGBT Foundation. They produce educational, reflective (and fun!) spaces for people to explore their own assumptions and expectations around sexual wellbeing. Aben strives to empower everyone to talk about sex, sexuality and pleasure with confidence!


Our spaces are for all self-identifying lesbian, bi, queer or questioning women and non-binary people wishing to access a women-centred space. This is inclusive of trans women, non-binary and gender fluid people, women of colour, older women and disabled women.

This event is 18+. By signing up, you agree to adhere to our Safer Spaces Policy

Event Summary:

Date: 16/09/2021
Time: 19:00-20:00

Price per Person: Free