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Event Summary:

Date: 10/02/2018
Time: 19:00-23:00


Price per Person: £0.00

Manchester Penetrated: NightQueer

10th February 2018, Manchester

Event Full Details:

Manchester Penetrated
[Psychosexual Geography / Sex-Mapping of the City]
NightQueer: A Nightwalk through Our Sexual Experience of Manchester

What was it like coming out in Manchester or Salford? How was your first visit to the Village? Ever fuck one or more guys down the canal? Was your first Pride everything you hoped it could be or did it find you confused and disappointed? What did the sky look like in the morning after you first merged from a sauna?  What spaces, places and structures in the city instantly remind you of a lover from back in the day? How has the Village and the city changed over the years and has this changed the sex you have? Has Grindr changed how you use the city and do you move through and experience the city differently when using hook-up apps?

Manchester Penetrated is a radical creative, artistic and explorative initiative that seeks to map of sexual experiences, our most intimate stories of love and sex, and our personal sexual narratives onto the spaces and places of the city. Using cameras, sound recorders, sketch pads, note-books, musical instruments and our own voices we will walk the city reflecting on and recording some of the sexual experiences that have shaped our understanding of our sexual identity and the place we live. 

Following an explorative and fascinating Mapping Session on the 14th of November at Bar Pop,  and just in time LGBT History Month, LGBT Foundation’s Men’s Spaces are delighted to welcome back Manchester Penetrated for another creative delve into sex and the city. NightQueer will be an intense, artistic and celebratory improvised walk through Manchester at night seeking out the dark, furtive spaces of our sexual history, telling stories about love, sex, space, place, and the changing face of the city. Bring cameras, sound recorders, sketch pads, notebooks, and musical instruments to capture the city from a radical, alternative perspective; don’t worry if you do not have access to any of these, bring your voice and body along. Furthermore, it is not an issue if you didn’t attend the mapping session, we will begin proceedings with a meet, greet and debrief at Tribeca on Sackville St M1 3WF @19:00 on 10th February – from that point onward there is no predetermined path, the routes through the night city will be guided by our stories and our bodies.
Let’s get walking and talking about Sex 

Men’s Spaces are open to anyone who self-identifies as gay, bi or questioning man.  Our services are available for open to anyone who self-identifies as a man, some or all of the time.