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Event Summary:

Date: 15/08/2019
Time: 18:00-20:00


Price per Person: Free

How do we make connections - BAME LGBT Women

15th August 2019, Manchester

Event Full Details:

WoC (Women of Colour) Shine presents..."How do we make connections in the 21st century?"

Finding people who we can connect with is essential to most of us but is it getting easier or harder as the ways of finding, meeting and connecting with people have changed over the years?

From classified ads in magazines to instant access via social media, how have things changed? Is making connections harder or easier for LGBT BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) women and Women of Colour?


There will be different ways to engage with the theme, and there is no pressure to share.

Light refreshments provided.

-This event is informal and a space to discuss experiences, specifically for BAME LGBT+ women-



This event is for self-identifying women of colour/BAME women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer or questioning, all or part of the time, including trans women, older women, disabled/neurodivergent women, women who are seeking asylum or have no recourse to public funds, women of all faiths and backgrounds, and non-binary/gender fluid people and transfeminine people who want to access a women-centred space.


This meet-in is FREE to attend, and is at:

LGBT Foundation

5 Richmond Street



Nearest tram stop: Piccadilly Gardens or Manchester Piccadilly Station.

Coming on your own? We always do introductions, and have a number of ways you can engage in the space.

We can organise for someone to meet you. Just drop us a line if that’s something you would like/need.



For more information, or to contact us about any of the following, please contact :

• Access requirements

• Travel bursaries (we offer these without any condition, please contact us in

advance of the event if you would like to access, please note we are unable to

reimburse without sight of ticket/receipt)

We try to make our services welcoming and accessible to all; if you have any specific access requirements, please let us know and we'll try to help.