Supporting Vulnerable People in the Night Time Economy

The Village Angels are a team of volunteers who have been providing support and assistance to people in need in the Village since 2011. Every Friday and Saturday night, the volunteers patrol the Village from 9pm to 3am, wearing the hot pink uniforms for which they are renowned.

The support provided by the Village Angels is incredibly diverse in its nature. At times, the Village Angels will act as a mobile tourist information bureau, offering directions and information to people who have come out to enjoy the LGBT space. The Angels will also respond to serious incidents. These range from helping people to report crimes to responding to mental health crises and helping people who are alone and vulnerable to get home safely. The Village Angels will often be the first people on the scene when serious medical incidents occur in the Village, and will provide basic first aid and manage the incident until paramedics arrive.

The Village Angels are a friendly, non-judgemental team, with a wealth of knowledge about the Village. If you see them out please say hi!

Village Angel and Village Haven volunteers with donations from village businesses.

The Village Haven is a night time safe haven, which operates from 11pm to 5am every Friday and Saturday night in the Village in Manchester. Located in the Beacon at 45 Bloom Street, the Village Haven is a safe space for people who are unable to keep themselves safe to be supported to get home without coming to harm

This includes people who are vulnerable as a result of alcohol or drug consumption, or people who are highly distressed. This also includes people who may need to charge their phones to get home safely, or who have lost their belongings, and need to contact someone. Within the Village Haven, the volunteer team will work with individuals to assist them in whatever way they require to ensure that they get home safely.

The Village Haven is a partnership project between LGBT Foundation, Serenity Security, and Barnabus (who have kindly allowed us to use the Beacon for the service).

If you are on a night out in the Village and see someone who appears vulnerable – or you feel vulnerable yourself – you can ask any member of door staff to radio for the Angels. You can also go directly to the Village Haven to get support or assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering with either the Village Angels or Village Haven programmes, please email

Both the Village Angels and Village Haven programmes are made possible through support from the GMCA