Throughout our sexual health work we often find that fear and stigma surrounding sex arises from a lack of talk about our sex lives. That's why we we'll be publishing an array of sex stories submitted by LGBT people, covering everything from first times and the pursuit of fetish, through to accessing PEP after a risky encounter. Click on the pictures below to read about their experiences.

The Nights PrEP Saved My Life

In Patrick's own words, he talks about how PrEP has played a key role in empowering him to have safer and more enjoyable sex.

How my work helped people have better sex lives

In Patrick's own words, he talks about how writing openly and honestly about his sex life has led to education in the bedroom around undetectability and HIV transmission.

Keep in touch with your body

In Craig's own words, he explores how PEP has relieved him of HIV anxiety and how it awakened his knowledge of transmission and undetectability.

Making a racket with Adam Rickett

Rachel shares her journey from soap stars to sexual liberation with the touch of her hand.

Sex, Bags and Notes That Are Rolled

Nash shares a poem of the male gaze and a drug-fuelled haze.

Fun without Fear

Adrian has been a part of Alert! Manchester's monthly fetish event, making gear and gags a comfortable experience for it's many attendees looking to explore kink and voyeurism in a safe space.