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LGBT Foundation’s statement on the emergency legislation ban on puberty-suppressing hormone prescriptions

Published: May 30, 2024 by mbelfield

As organisations that provide support to our LGBTQ+ community, we are disappointed at the introduction of emergency legislation to ban the prescription of puberty-suppressing hormones (also known as GnRH analogues) in England, Wales and Scotland. This legislation has been drafted and will be implemented from 3rd June 2024 without a full impact assessment. We are already seeing the harm and distress this is causing amongst young trans people and their families.

We are reviewing the legislation with experts to understand the implications and will provide factual information for those affected once we have it. We recommend that any child or young person currently accessing gender-related care outside of the NHS speak with their provider before 3rd June 2024 to understand how this may affect them.

From an initial read, there are aspects of this legislation, such as age and identity verification, that may also have consequences for those accessing private care including trans adults and people living with endometriosis, fibroids and testicular cancer, as well as profound impacts on trans young people.

If you or a loved one is affected and need some support, get in touch with our helpline on 0345 3 30 30 30.

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