Equalities Board Research Reports 2018

In September 2017, Ambition for Ageing gave the Equalities Board some money to commission research from five community groups. These groups wanted to find out more about the needs of their communities, and how to support them better. The projects ran from November 2017 - February 2018, then the groups wrote up their research findings into reports. In July 2018 we produced more accessible summaries of each of those reports.

You can read the full reports and the accessible summaries below.

Europia : “Life experiences and challenges of Polish migrants over 50”

Europia works with Eastern European and other minority communities in Manchester. They carried out research investigating the challenges in daily life affecting older Polish migrants who moved to Manchester after 2004.

Europia accessible research report
Europia final research report

Henshaws Community Services : Out of Sight

Henshaws is a charity supporting people with sight loss. They wanted to find out whether training community organisations in Visual Impairment Awareness would improve the help that older people with sight loss can get from non-specialist organisations.

Henshaws accessible research report
Henshaws final research report

Manchester Deaf Centre : “Ageing Deaf Access”

Manchester Deaf Centre is the largest organisation in Manchester supporting people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or Deafblind. They wanted to show through their research how isolated British Sign Language speakers are.

Manchester Deaf Centre accessible report summary
Manchester Deaf Centre final research report

Manchester People First : “Join Us, Join In”

Manchester People First is a self advocacy group run by and for people with a learning disability. They wanted to find out what makes it difficult for people with learning difficulties to participate in meetings. They ran a workshop for the Equalities Board, and produced a guide to making meetings more accessible, and a guide to making information more accessible.

Manchester People First accessible report summary

Ideas for better meetings guide

Making Information easier for everyone guide

Manchester People First final research report

Wai Yin : “Sat Cung 失聰 – Hearing Loss”

Wai Yin Society works to support and empower Chinese people in Manchester. They did some research to find out how much awareness older Chinese people have of hearing loss, and support available when you lose your hearing.

Wai Yin accessible research report
Wai Yin final research report