Equalities Board Publications

This is where you can find reports and guides written by the Equalities Board team and Equalities Board members. All reports that we produce also have simpler summaries that we try to make accessible for people with different needs.

Making more accessible versions of research reports

In July 2019 EB members took part in a focus group on how to make research reports more accessible. You can read about the focus group and what we discussed here.

If you cannot access one of our publications please contact us by emailing clare.bonetree@lgbt.foundation.

Scroll down to find out more about each of these reports and download them:

  • 2019 Briefing Paper : How to Work Inclusively to Make Communities Age-Friendly - and more accessible summary of this briefing paper
  • 2018 Research Reports : Equalities Board Research Reports 2018 - and more accessible summaries of each report
  • 2017 Briefing Paper : Asset-based Approaches and Inequalities - produced by Ambition for Ageing based on research by EB staff

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How to Work Inclusively to Make Communities Age-Friendly

This briefing document is a more accessible version of our Amition for Ageing briefing document Working Inclusively to Make Communities Age-Friendly, which is a summary of what the Equalities Board has learned about how to build age-friendly communities, and work with equalities, in a way that is fully inclusive of people from marginalised and minority communities.

Click here to download our simpler briefing document.

Click here to go to the AfA website to download our original briefing document.

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EB Research Projects 2018 - Full Reports and Summaries

In September 2017, Ambition for Ageing gave the Equalities Board some money to ask five community groups to do some research into issues that are important to those communities. Each group wanted to find out more about their communities so that they can raise awareness of the issues affecting them, and support them better. The projects ran from November 2017 - February 2018, and the groups produced reports in July. The Equalities Board team produced more accessible summaries of each report.

Click on the links below to download the reports and summaries:

Europia : “Life experiences and challenges of Polish migrants over 50”

Europia more accessible research summary

Europia final research report

Henshaws Community Services : Out of Sight

Henshaws more accessible research summary

Henshaws final research report

Manchester Deaf Centre : “Ageing Deaf Access”

Manchester Deaf Centre more accessible report summary

Manchester Deaf Centre final research report

Manchester People First : “Join Us, Join In”

Manchester People First more accessible report summary

Ideas for better meetings guide

Making Information easier for everyone guide

Manchester People First final research report

Wai Yin : “Sat Cung 失聰 – Hearing Loss”

Wai Yin more accessible research summary

Wai Yin final research report

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Asset-based Approaches and Inequalities

This briefing document looks at how asset-based community development (ABCD) approaches can exacerbate (make worse) inequalities within communities. The report's recommendations include:

  • people from marginalised groups need support to be involved in designing projects and mapping assets in their communities
  • it is helpful to target marginalised and minority groups, and more socially isolated people to make asset mapping and co-production more meaningful
  • well-planned processes for meaningful participation are important, but they take time and need good support.

This briefing draws on work across the AFA programme, including by the Equalities Team.

Click here to download a copy of the briefing document.