In August 2020, LGBT Foundation published "You Build Your Own Family, that's how you get through it" a ground-breaking project looking at the impact of severe and multiple disadvantage on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people.

In the report, there are real stories of LGBT people who have experienced severe and multiple disadvantage (SMD). Even as an organisation working with LGBT people who have been routinely discriminated against and experiencing severe marginalisation, the experiences shared by our interviewees were raw and startling- but also showed huge resilience, strength, and determination. We are proud to be giving those interviewees a voice in this report.

we would like to sincerely thank the LGBT people who gave their time, knowledge and experiences to this project, whether that is as peer-researchers, interviewees or as members of the core steering group. They made this research possible, and by drawing upon their lived experience we have been able to put together a truly unique report. In particular we would like to acknowledge the contribution of Heather Davidson as co-chair of the steering group and chair of the core group.

Finally, we’d like to give our thanks to our funder Lankelly Chase, who not only made this project possible through a research grant, but have provided us with their insight, expertise and guidance from the project’s conception to its publication.The report is one of a further series of perspectives which both broaden and deepen the scope of the conversations around SMD. You can find out more about the Connected series of reports on Lankelly Chase’s website.