The Women's Programme Events 2019

October Skills Workshop - Halloween Decs and spooks

September 2019 Monthly Workshop - Screen Printing!

Led by the amazing Ashleigh Talbot, on a very hot Saturday, some wonderful and unique designs were created :) Watch our space for more workshops like this!

Women's Programme Screen Printing

The Times of Your Life - August 2019

On this day we invited all LB women to come to the Foundation to share their histories and their memories - both good and bad - by writing on our walls. They came and they wrote and they ate cake and they drank tea. It was wonderful. Here they are...

Mould Yourself in Clay - July 2019

Our interactive workshop, led by artist Jane Goetzee, was a brilliant afternoon where all kinds of wonderful peices were created. Some women made a version of themselves, some made animals and some scrunched theirs up before anyone could see! More of this to come...

One Size Doesn't Fit All - June 2019

A refreshing look at exercise with Fiona Ledgard, Personal Trainer who is part of the 'This Girl Can' initiative. Fi took everyone through loads of ways to exercise at home using resistance bands and your own body weight. This was a brilliant workshop - and we all felt it!