Every second Wednesday of the Month at 6.30mp!

Are your clothes in need of a little TLC?

We’ve all been there: a hole in your sock, a split in a seam, or the inevitable hole in your jeans where your thighs meet!

That doesn’t mean they have to go in the bin, you can learn how to fix it! Whether you’ve never learnt how to repair damaged clothes, or you need a little refresher, come along to Mend It Club.

Over the course of our sessions we’re going to look at the basic hand sewing skills you’ll need (no machine required), how to patch things, how to fix your jeans, darning holes, and more! These skills are easy to master and will be very useful.

Give your clothes a new lease of life with Mend It Club!

November's Session:

This session of Mend It Club we’re tackling the mother of all mends – jeans! If your jeans haven’t been able to handle your thighs and have a cheeky little hole in them now, this is the session for you. We’ll teach you a simple way that you can fix your jeans, whether it’s a thigh tear or a rip in the knee, so you can keep wearing those dutiful denims. This method is super simple and doesn’t require a sewing machine. No problem if you’re not a confident sewer either, because this only need one basic stitch!

Come join us and learn how to save your jeans!