Chemistry Club

The inaugural CHEMISTRY CLUB for the Women's Programme!

Let's get in touch with our chemistry side! Starting on Monday 13 July at 6.00pm

Make your own snowflake and watch it grow! Learn how to make homemade ice-cream using chemistry'

What you will need:

We will send you full details of the household items you'll need (like ice for example) along with the login details on Friday July 10th.

What you'll get

A chance to be a scientist for an hour! Come on, the world of science needs more of us!

Here a little about the wonderful Bryony who will be leading the session:

"My name is Bryony Harvey (she/her pronouns), I studied Chemistry at the University of Plymouth and I have a Masters Degree in The History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Bristol. I've always loved science for its explanations of how the world works (and it's also the closest you can get to magic!). Chemistry stands out to me from other scientific disciplines because it's the link between them all; chemistry is in our bodies, in nature, in inanimate objects, even in the air and in space! It's an amazing tool for discovering the universe around us - and the experiments can be pretty cool!"

This is going to be a brilliant session - we can't wait.

Book your place now by emailing with Chemistry Club in the subject line.