Talks arounf the Table
Hello! Welcome to the Women's Programme - TALKS AROUND THE TABLE!

Life has changed dramatically for us all, and we know that a lot of people may be struggling with the effects of social distancing and self-isolation, so we've created a weekly online session called Talks around the Table. We'll hold these on Zoom (an online platform that lets us all see and hear each other over the web) and we are very open to ideas about what the sessions should be about. So far we've come up with: Cooking, languages, online games, gardening, staying healthy and a craft chillout zone - but we're sure you can come up with more.

We know that some of you may not be as familiar with online stuff as others, so we are going to hold frequent tutorials for complete beginners so we can take it nice and slowly, step by step to get you up and running. More info can be found on this here.

We really look forward to seeing you in one of our sessions, you'll find details below.