Voice Coaching

Would you like to change your voice in some way?

Voice and communication workshops are now available at LGBT Foundation in partnership with the University of Manchester.

We are offering FREE introductory voice and communication workshops for anyone who identifies as trans* and would like to learn more about their voice and how to change it.

These sessions will provide an introduction to voice, language and non-verbal communication, with workshops focusing on the human voice, how it works and how to protect your voice when considering changing it.

How do I apply?

The next set of workshops will take place over 2 days from the 24th to the 25th February. Facebook event here. These will be lead by Dr Sean Pert in conjunction with the University of Manchester.

To apply you must identify as trans and have a desire to change or strengthen your voice. It is recommended and required that you attend both sessions in order to get the best outcomes.

To register your interest, get in touch with us via email!

We're also running a peer-supported voice group, lead by Matilda Simon, a graduate of the course who is working with Dr Pert's methods. These peer-supported groups will continue, being held at TRANSMCR, every second Saturday of the month (apart from August).

*Trans is an umbrella and inclusive term used to describe people whose gender identity differs in some way from that which they were assigned at birth; including non-binary people, cross dressers and those who partially or incompletely identify with their sex assigned at birth.