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Event Date / Time: 13/10/2014 @ 7:00pm

Event Summary: CREATIVE STITCH (4 SESSIONS) The Creative Stitch classes cover a variety of techniques that will extend your hand sewing skills

Venue: LGBT Foundation
5 Richmond Street
M1 3HF

Price per Person: Free

Event Full Details: The new and improved Art Class is a group where you can pop in now and again, or attend regularly.  Whether you are a new starter in all things arty, or would like to improve your creative skills, the Art Class is a welcoming and non judgemental group where people can meet, learn and be creative.
The Art Class runs different programmes throughout the year, and usually a programme is 4 sessions long.  This gives the participants opportunity to learn about a technique more in depth, and to work on a piece throughout the programme.  Whether it’s collage, watercolours, pencil techniques, or mixed media – the Art Class provides all the equipment necessary to learn and practise, and our volunteers are experienced, friendly and knowledgeable too!
The Art Class is on the 2nd and the 4th Monday of the month, from 7pm to 9pm – and there’s no need to book.  However, if you would like to meet a volunteer beforehand, or have a question, please email kate.hardy@lgf.org.uk or phone 0845 3 30 30 30.

CREATIVE STITCH (4 sessions)The Creative Stitch classes cover a variety of techniques that will extend your hand sewing skills (or give you a new set of skills), give you ideas for new craft projects, help develop your creativity and self confidence as an artist. 
Each project will be worked on over 2 sessions.
·        Design and make your own 3D character with hand stitched appliqué, decorative embellishments. 
·        Greetings cards with recycled textiles, scrap paper and plastics