LGBT Hate Crime Awareness

Event Date / Time: 10/02/2014 @ 7:00pm

Event Summary:

Venue: The Factory Youth Zone
931 Rochdale Road, Harpurhey
M9 8AE

Price per Person: Free

Event Full Details: Hate Crime workshop 

Youth Worker had not arranged young people to attend session and instead relied on 'rallying up' young people into the session 20 minutes before. Poor turn out and everyone in the session, with the exception of one person was attending the girls group session 7:30pm, leaving 25 minutes to cover a 60 minute workshop.

Young people seemed engaged, we did the quiz, terminology exercise, discussed homophobia, hate crime, the incorrect use of the word 'gay and some alternatives and challenges for when the word is used. We also discussed some scenarios - whether or not they were a hate crime or not and what the people in the situation could do. Young Person leaflets were given to the group to take away. No time to fill out feedback forms. 

5 young women and 1 young man attended the workshop

Suggestions from YP for challenging homophobic language/use of the word gay:
"how do you know? why would you know the signs?" - there are no signs to being gay so it doesnt make sense to call someone gay"your voice affects everyone""Do you know what gay means? Go and find out what it actually means, then call me gay." Would you like it if someone called you gay?""Why are you black? or why are you white?" Words hurt, you dont have the right to judge people on their sexuality" If people are happy they should be allowed to be gay, it doesn't affect you""ok so I'm gay and you're straight, and...?"