Are we avenged yet?

Event Date / Time: 18/05/2013 @ 2:00pm

Event Summary: Fun and informative event for lesbian and bisexual women celebrating 20 years since the Lesbian Avenger movement and exploring how we can effect change today.

Venue: LGBT Foundation
5 Richmond Street
M1 3HF

Price per Person: Free

Event Full Details: Twenty years ago, a group of six women kickstarted a movement to increase lesbian visibility and challenge bigotry. Using high profile direct actions and eye-catching imagery, the Lesbian Avengers recruited thousands of women worldwide to take part in highly visible street actions, culminating in 20,000 women marching on Washington for the 2004 Dyke March. Two decades on, a lot has changed but lesbian and bisexual women still face homophobia, biphobia and sexism. Is there still a place for direct action groups like the Lesbian Avengers? How do we challenge discrimination and raise visibility in the 21st century, while making sure bisexual and trans women are part of the movement? Do you feel your voice is being heard? Whether you want to eat fire for equality or are more comfortable signing an online petition or volunteering in your local community, this fun session will celebrate the women who fearlessly stood up for our rights and visibility in the past and encourage you to speak out about issues that matter today.