They Them Us

They/Them/Us is a monthly social group for non-binary and genderfluid people age18 and over. The group runs on the fourth Friday of the month, 6pm to 8pm, via Discord. We chat about lots of different things, not just about being non-binary or genderfluid!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t identify as trans but I do identify as non-binary/genderfluid, can I attend?

Absolutely! Some of our most interesting conversations are between people with very different experiences of being non-binary or genderfluid.

I’m very shy, will I be made to talk?

Nope! The good thing about the Discord server is that only LGBT Foundation staff will get a notification that you’ve joined the server. You won’t be pressured to say anything, and you’re welcome to just see what it’s like first. You can jump in whenever you feel okay to!

Can I join if I'm under 18?

No, this space is specifically for people age 18+. You can find more appropriate spaces by clicking here.

I’m questioning whether I’m non-binary/genderfluid, am I allowed to attend?

Yes, you’re welcome to come to this space to help explore your identity! Please be mindful of people’s confidentiality and how much they may be willing to share about their personal experience.

Do you do any in-person activities?

We sometimes run one-off hybrid events, i.e. you can attend in person or online. We will be exploring running more in-person events in the future due to the high demand for them from group members.

Can I join if I’m outside of Greater Manchester?

We recognise that sometimes it’s difficult to find local support, so we will not turn away anyone based on their geographical location. However, a lot of members are based in and around Greater Manchester. You can use this website to find local groups:

How do I use Discord?

You can find information about using Discord by clicking here.

Why do you use Discord?

After a lot of different attempts with ways of doing online events, particularly over national lockdown, Discord was found to be the favourite of our group members. They liked how easy it was to engage in the text channels, and they felt that it was less tiring for them compared to video or audio calls. They also said that it was easier to jump into a conversation without worrying too much about waiting their turn. There are lots of other groups that use other programs though!

Is this a group for campaigning/activism?

This is mostly a social group. You’re welcome to talk about campaigning and activism in the group, but please be aware that this is not the main reason that a lot of group members attend the space.

I have other accessibility questions, how do I discuss them?

Feel free to email [email protected] so we can make sure you feel able to access the event. We’ve worked with lots of disabled and neurodivergent group members to figure out how to make the group as accessible as we can, so we always welcome more ideas!

You can sign up for a group session at the Eventbrite page by clicking here.