We’re proud to be collaborating with Smirnoff to make nightlife a safer, inclusive and more understanding space.

Why Smirnoff?

With over twenty years in supporting the LGBTQ+ community, Smirnoff are now looking to move the world to be a more inclusive place with their “We’re Open” initiative.

Aiming to give the trans and non-gender confirming communities positive role models and visibility to a mass audience, they have just launched the latest chapter in We’re Open.

It stars DJ and producer Honey Dijon, French LGBTQ+ icon and leading figure on the Paris Ballroom scene Kiddy Smile, British transgender model and dancer Lucy Fizz, performance artist Xnthony and Le Fil:

How will LGBT Foundation and Smirnoff work together?

We are developing guidance for the Smirnoff team’s bartender training programme to raise awareness of LGBT issues and build skills, knowledge and confidence to ensure that staff on the ground are leading the way in ensuring that nightlife remains a place for inclusive good times.

In addition, Smirnoff will also work to build on LGBT Foundation’s flagship Village Angels initiative with nightlife organisations, local authorities, and emergency services around the UK. The Village Angels are a team of volunteers who have been providing non-judgemental support and assistance to people in need in Manchester’s Gay Village since 2011.

We’re proud to be collaborating with Smirnoff to make nightlife a safer, inclusive and more understanding space

“From providing insight and training to help the industry understand non-binary communities, to investing in grassroots initiatives that promote safety and inclusion in UK nightlife, this is a longstanding commitment to drive positive change. Our Village Angels have helped nearly 100,000 people since they were created in 2011."

Thanks to Smirnoff, we now have a very real opportunity to grow this success outside of Manchester, by inspiring cities around the UK to kick start projects which help LGBT communities stay safe and celebrate their identities whilst enjoying a great night out”.

Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive of LGBT Foundation.

Where can people go to find out more about the non-binary community and the work Smirnoff are doing with LGBT Foundation?

Smirnoff acknowledges that there is still a lack of comprehension in mainstream society surrounding the non-binary community. As part of the LGBT Foundation partnership, a bespoke hub with basic information, “We’re Open” talent stories and general advice for a mass audience will be available here.

We spoke to British trans model and dancer Lucy Fizz about some of the most common preconceptions surrounding the trans community here.