LGBT Foundation is planning to respond to the following consultations. Wherever possible we will post our repsonses as part of the National LGB&T Partnership before the deadline here

We would encourage LGBT people and groups to submit responses to current consultations, please click on the links provided to find out how to take part. If you would like any help or support taking part in consultations please contact Heather Williams on 0345 3 30 30 30 or email

Live consultations: 

NICE - Mental health of adults in contact with the criminal justice system 

Deadline - Friday 18th November 2016 

Consultation available at -

Salford City Council - Consultation on HIV and STI prevention and support servivces in Greater Manchester

Deadline - Wednesday 30th November 2016 

Consultation available at - 

Extra information available at -

Manchester City Council - Out Budget 2017-2020 consultation

Deadline - Thursday 15th December 2016

Consulation available at -

The RSA Inclusive Growth Commission 

Deadline - Saturday 31st December 2016 

Consultation available at -

Crown Prosecution Service - Prosecution on the grounds of hostility to sexual orientation or gender identity 

Deadline - Monday 9th January 2016 

Consultation available at -