LGB&T patient insight surveys and focus groups

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation and TransForum conducted research into lesbian gay, bisexual and Trans* patients’ experiences of their GP in order to build a picture of this patient group’s experiences of accessing primary care through their GP.

The LGB research forms part of a wider initiative led by Pride in Practice, a dedicated service to support excellence in LGB healthcare, helping GPs to ensure that their LGB patients are treated fairly and enabled to discuss their issues openly with their GP or healthcare provider. This patient experience survey will be repeated annually so that yearly comparison of the findings can be used to assess the impact of the service and track improvements in provision of GP healthcare services to LGB patients. 

The Trans* survey was designed to gather information about Trans* patients experiences of accessing healthcare services from their GP.  It aims to build a picture of current healthcare provision by GPs for Trans* people in Manchester and beyond.

The findings will help to inform the work necessary to insure that that GPs are better equipped to recognise and meet the full health needs of their trans* patients, and commissioners have an understanding of the services they need to commission.

LGB experiences report | Trans* experiences report


An umbrella term used to describe the full range of individuals who have a conflict with or a question about their birth assigned gender, and those who are experiencing gender confusion but don’t know exactly where they fall along the gender spectrum. Also relating to or describing a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender but who combines or moves between these or identifies as multi- or non-gendered.